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Move-in / move-out require more detail work than a typical cleaning. Because of this,  we always assume a move-in / move-out will add an hour or two to the time of a standard cleaning. A 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom would take around 2.5-3 hours whereas a 4 bedroom could take 6-7 hours.

Note: All cleaning jobs are custom and subject to the cleaning teams better judgment. More or less service may be provided on a case by case basis. 


  • Refrigerator Inside Full Wash and Disinfected Outside Wipe Down and Windex or Polish 
  • Stove Full Wash Inside/Out 
  • Oven Full Wash
  • Microwave Wash and Disinfect Inside/Out 
  • Dishwasher Clean Inside/Out
  • Sinks Wash and Disinfect 
  • Faucets (Polishing)
  • Kitchen Counters Full Wash and Polished 
  • Kitchen Cabinets Wipe Down Inside/Out
  • Clean Floor (Regular Sweep and Mop)
  • Also Cleaned Blinds, Windows, Window seals, Window Reals,  Baseboards, Light Switches, AC Vents, Light Fixtures, Pantry or Food Closets


  • Wash Shower and Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass and Glass Doors
  • Clean Tubs and Scrub all Walls
  • Counters and Sinks Full Wash and Disinfect
  • Faucets (Polishing)
  • Clean all Mirrors and Any Light Fixtures
  • Toilet (Full Wash and Disinfect) 
  • Bathroom Cabinets and Medicine AD Wipe Inside/Out
  • AC Vent and/or Air Extractor Dust off And/or Wipe Down 
  • Floors and Base Boards (Hand Cleaned Only in Bathrooms)


  • Clean Shelf 
  • Clean Washer and Dryer Inside/Out  (Wipe  Down) 
  • Clean Cabinets Inside/Out
  • Clean Baseboards, Light Switches 
  • Sweep and Mop Floor

General Through The Entire House We Also Clean

  • All AC Vents, Ceiling Fans, Light Switches, 
  • Baseboards, Blinds, Light Fixtures, Doors, Door 
  • Knows, Door Frames, Clean all Closets, 
  • Vacuum all Carpeted Areas 
  • Clean Windows (only inside), Window Seals, Window Reals
  •  Stair Reals, Sweep and Mop Hardwood, Wood, Marble, Tile, Stone, Vinyl or any other type of flooring.